Call for Contributions
Digital Architecture Design Day 2020

Digital Architecture Design Day is organized on November 5th, 2020.

To avoid that we are missing out on current topics in the field of Digital Architecture and Design, we offer you the opportunity to submit your contribution in our ‘Last Minute Call for Contributions’.  It’s basically the same Call for Contributions as earlier, but now we focus on the topicality.
Please note that this is not a second chance for contributions that we couldn’t schedule in our program.

The purpose of this Call for Contibutions is to facilitate fully prepared sessions. If you have a topic that you would like to discuss without preparation, then you can bring it to the Open Space platform on our #DADD2019 event itself. We’ll inform you about this later – or keep an eye on our programme. The Call for Contributions ends on Tuesday May 19. We will inform you by June 5th.

DADD will issue participants a digital badge
NAF, co-organizer of DADD, recently announced the launch of a new digital credential program. NAF has partnered with Credly, a leader in the digital credentialing movement, to issue participants of DADD a digital badge. This will allow DADD participants to show others their continuous development in their field of work. Participants will be informed after DADD about their badge and how to share it for instance on LinkedIn.