Live conference: to meet responsibly and safely

Carefree registration and participation
Your health is important to us! We will host a physical conference this year with 1,5 social distance. We will follow all the guidelines set by the Dutch Government and the RIVM, and take appropriate measures to ensure all of our guests’ safety. We are obligated to do a health check before entering the venue.
Below you can find more details about the corona protocol for Digitale Architecture Design Day. We will inform all partners, speakers and attendees about the current measures via email closer to the conference dates.

Should you be unable to attend or should you show symptoms of illness, you can of course have a colleague take your place for free. Please contact us in this case.

More information about the CKC Seminars protocol regarding the Covid-19 virus can be found here (only in Dutch).

Guidelines Digital Architecture Design Day 2020
Digital Architecture Design Day  will take place on Thursday November 5 in the Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort. We have developed a complete COVID-19 protocol together with the Rijtuigenloods to safely host Digital Architecture Design Day this year. We have taken in account the current guidelines from the Government and RIVM. We take in account the 1,5 meter social distance, the accessibility of hand gel, guidance in walking routes through the venue, extra hygiene and minimal physical contact. These measures are all taken to safely welcome you to our conference in November.

Humans are social creatures and long to be together, meet others, share and experience. In times like these we most of all long for health and safety, not only for ourselves but also for everyone that is close to us. It is time to meet again, with the appropriate guidelines.

This document holds all guidelines for Digital Architecture Design Day 2020. If the government makes changes to the guidelines in the meantime until November, we will also adapt to these.

General guidelines
These are the general guidelines set by the Dutch Government. We expect all of our visitors to respect these guidelines:

  • Regularly wash your hands with soap
  • Cough and sneeze in the inside of your elbow
  • Do not shake hands
  • Keep 1,5 meter social distance
  • Stay at home if you have any symptoms of illness

We will make sure that you can follow these guidelines to provide you with extra hygiene products and enough space.

Extra hygiene

  • On the sanitary facilities such as hand gel and paper towels are standard, towel rolls have been removed.
  • Sanitary facilities are continuously thoroughly cleaned
  • All areas of locations are carefully cleaned before and after an event
  • Door handles, banisters etc. are regulary thoroughly cleaned with desinfectants during the meeting
  • Flat surfaces such as tables, counters and buffets are thoroughly cleaned several times a day
  • Every event starts plenary by showing a safety video

The Rijtuigenloods has calculated the maximum number of visitors for each conference room and the catering area. With this maximum number we are able to maintain the distance of 1,5 meter at all times.

There is a safe routing through the location, including divisions on the floor and at busy traffic points (such as the sanitary and entrance halls)

To make sure that the registration of attendees, speakers and sponsors will go down smoothly, we will send your attendee badge to you by mail about a week before the start of the conference. This badge is your entry ticket for the conference and will be equipped with a bar code. This code needs to be scanned when entering the conference venue. You will also receive other practical information about your conference attendance, like the registration time, your entrance and other extra guidelines.

If you haven’t received your badge in time, you need to contact CKC Seminars at least one day before the start of the conference. This allows us to check your registration and still arrange a badge for you.

Since we will be sending the badge before the conference, it is important that you register in time.

Other conference materials, like the conference program, will be provided to you at the conference venue. This will be done via unmanned desk, where you can collect your own materials.

The sponsors of the conference will be attending the conference at the exhibition. The exhibition will take place in the central foyer, where the catering will also be presented. This year, the exhibition will focus mostly on networking with each other. There will be a maximum of staff present from each sponsor.
Due the measures we are able to guarantee our guests’ safety, can everyone meet each other at a safe distance and will there be enough room to get in touch.

The catering area will be divided in different areas with a maximum number of attendees per area. Each area has a different entry point and has its own catering. The food is mostly packed per item and will be available via buffet. Drinks will be available in disposables. Disinfection gel will be available at each coffee point.
The Rijtuigenloods has created a “corona proof” catering arrangement that lives up to the standard of minimal contact and extra hygiene rules.

We will inform all partners, speakers and attendees about the current measures via email closer to the conference dates.