Digital Architecture Design

Digital Architecture Design Day is all about architecture, digital architecture and how it helps to realize cohesive change across systems and organizations. We’re here to exchange practices, lessons learned and new trends in applying architecture, irrespective of who creates or applies it.

We see successful organizations following the principles below. Therefore we also follow these principles when evaluating contributions for Digital Architecture Design Day.

Architecture over Architects

Today, architecture is not for architects only. Many more are involved in creating and applying architecture. We reach out to all of them: DevOps teams, scrum teams, IT managers, Business IT, etc.
And of course, Architects.

We think architecture is important at all levels: the Enterprise, Solution and Software/Systems level. We invite you all to join DADD, both as visitor and contributor to the programme.

Delivering Business Outcome over Ideal Target State

Is there an ideal target state? Are we able to define it? Are we able to achieve it? Or is ‘good enough’ good enough? Architecture is not the goal, but a means to an end: business outcome. Time nor money should be wasted on irrelevant aspects, both in creating and applying architecture.

It is important to have a coherent vision of the direction to move into. The big question is how much detail is needed for that to enable the teams that realize the desired changes. On Digital Architecture Design Day, we want to show you how applying architecture really supports delivering business outcome.

Practical application over Theorizing

Good theories can be very practical. But when it stays theoretical, and cannot be applied in practice, it has no value for organizations.

The origin of architecture is a mix of science, theory, and experience. There’s a lot on paper about this. On Digital Architecture Design Day we do not only want to inform the community about the latest developments in architecture but also how to apply them in practice. We want you to go home at the end of DADD with practical tips that you can put into practice the next day – that’s why our day isn’t organized on Friday ????

Participation over Governance

Architects don’t live in Ivory Towers. On Digital Architecture Design Day we expect those involved in creating architectures to stay involved in realizing them. There is no way you can’t be. We consider two-way dialogue crucial for success.

Architecture simply isn’t a rule book set in stone. Perhaps the best architecture is one that is challenged and refined daily. Architecture should live and not function as a rigid set of rules. Creators of architecture take ownership, users of architecture challenge and inspire the creators. On the one hand continuously checking the fit with the business goals. On the other hand, making sure that all involved help in refinement and really know what is expected.

Adapting to Change over Following a Plan

Innovations happen daily and need to be applied fast. It’s good to have a goal in mind, but having the “perfect” architecture up-front is impossible. Architectures grow to be adaptable by undergoing adaptation, not by trying to foresee all possible situations. It evolves based on different forces, from all stakeholders involved.

On Digital Architecture Design Day we aim to show how collaboration and embracing change delivers results.