Adapting to changing circumstances has become more and more important over the last years. Especially now we see the value of the ability to quickly scale up or down your cost in relation to the revenue, to make sure your organization can continue to function with people working remotely and to change your business model and re-think the way you are operating. This calls for great creativity and flexibility of the people in an organization, but also for robustness in the design of organizations and their supporting systems.

In this year’s edition of DADD we focus on what it means to be resilient and what is needed to achieve such goals. The central theme of DADD 2020 is “Dealing with (Natural) Disruption: Building Resilient Organizations & Systems”.

Digital Architecture Design Day is a one day conference festival incl. community dinner, playground of creativity, innovation and hands-on experiences!  People come for the insight, but stay for the networking and fun.

Save the date: Thursday November 5th. 

Call for Contributions
We challenge you to share your thoughts and stories to help make Digital Architecture Design Day 2020 an exciting event. We are specifically looking for contributions addressing the following themes:

  • Soft skills
  • Business continuity
  • Operating resilient systems
  • Top technology trends
  • Managing and valorising data

Read more about these themes.

Type of Contributions
We are looking for a good variety in types of contributions. Each session is given a 45 minute time slot. If you need more time, you can opt for a 90-minute time window. With this 90-minute option we would also like to receive a proposal of your format, which should include a lot of interaction with the audience. Please note that there are limited time slots, and we cannot guarantee that we can meet your request for more time.

Types of contributions we are looking for:

  • Hands-on sessions / workshops
  • Presentations
  • Experiments
  • Discussion Panels
  • Open Spaces
  • 90-minute interactive sessions

We aim for a divers program, which includes different types of sessions. Therefore we challenge you to be creative about the format of your session.

Please note that we have limited the amount of speakers to a maximum of two speakers per session.

Interested in contributing to the program? Visit our website for more information and submit your ideas before June 15!