In this year’s edition of DADD we focus on “Dealing with (Natural) Disruption: Building Resilient Organizations & Systems”. Adapting to changing circumstances has become more and more important over the last years. Especially now we see the value of the ability to quickly scale up or down your cost in relation to the revenue, to make sure your organization can continue to function with people working remotely and to change your business model and re-think the way you are operating. This calls for great creativity and flexibility of the people in an organization, but also for robustness in the design of organizations and their supporting systems.

Digital Architecture Design Day is a one day conference festival incl. community dinner, playground of creativity, innovation and hands-on experiences!  People come for the insight, but stay for the networking and fun.

Save the date! Register before June 15th and receive a € 100 early bird discount.

Why join DADD?

  • Uncovering the best ways of dealing with disruption and building resilient organizations & systems
  • Achieving sustainable change and coherent solutions by exchanging best practices, experiences and ideas
  • Conference festival: playground of creativity, innovation and hands-on experiences

Target Audience
Digital Architecture Design Day is the key meeting place for… ‘Users’ (business) and ‘Creators’ (IT) of digital architecture, like: digital architects, digital designers, senior developers / engineers, senior management (CIO’s, CTO’s), IT managers, product owners, product managers, innovation managers, business analysts, data analysts, technical project managers, tech leads, lead architects, enterprise architects, business architects, domain architects, information architects, solution architects.

We’re looking forward seeing you at #DADD2020!

Carefree registration and participation
You can register for and participate in our conference without any worries. Your health is important to us, we will take the necessary measures to create a save environment at DADD 2020. Should you be unable to attend or should you show symptoms of illness, you can of course have a colleague take your place free of charge.

Register before June 15th and receive a € 100 early bird discount.