Since we launched Digital Architecture Design Day we received several questions about our manifesto. Questions about the meaning of the statements as well as how we apply them.

  • Architecture over Architects
  • Delivering Business Outcome over Ideal Target State
  • Practical application over Theorizing
  • Participation over Governance
  • Adapting to Change over Following a Plan

We have added an explanation of the manifesto on the website:

The manifesto helps us, DADD organizers, in setting up the event and also guides us in the evaluation of the contributions that we receive on our Call for Contributions. We would love to receive your feedback on the manifesto and other aspects of DADD.
One option is to provide feedback via this group. However, to also enable feedback in person, we have organized a Meetup next Tuesday, July 2nd. To enable good discussions we have a limited number of seats available. Please register here: