[Keynote] An Enterprise Design approach to leading change

Milan Guenthero

Abstract: Government, healthcare, finance, big tech, you name it: enterprises run our world and enable human agency at scale. Facing crisis, loss of trust and disruption, they call out for our help. “Make us resilient”, they say.


[Keynote] Perspectives on the Information Revolution – Master Or Servant?

Gerben Wierda


[Business Continuity] Defining Antifragility and the application on Organization Design

Edzo Bones

The .com crisis of 2000, financial crisis of 2008 and the COVID-19 crisis of 2020 show us the importance for organisations to become resilient or even antifragile to survive (unexpected) external stressors.


[Resilient Systems] How to get a grip on your microservices system using a service-mesh

Edwin van Wijk


[Top Technology Trends] A low-code architecture for financial services. Good reasons, better challenges and best practices.

Alcedo Coenen


[Data as an Asset] The value of personal data in an international perspective

Wil Janssen & Marlies Ricken


[Soft skills] The human in the Solution

Eltjo Poort & Annelore Luning

We see successful organizations following the principles below. Therefore we also follow these principles when evaluating contributions for Digital Architecture Design Day.

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Digital Architecture Design Day will reveal the best ways of dealing with (natural) disruption and building resilient organizations & systems. At this community driven event we value: