On the closing of a mildly pleasant summer day, Veenendaal witnessed a meet-up of thirteen digital architects, even though not all of them would consider themselves an architect. This conveniently reflects the first of five statements that make up DADD’s manifestoarchitect­ure over architects. In their collaborative endeavor to help forge the upcoming Digital Archi­tecture Design Day 2019, next November, the thirteen discussed the manifesto, and shared a variety of ideas about what the upcoming event might bring, both concerning content and shape.

Nuance being a welcomed reflex of any architect, the outspoken contrasts of the manifesto ignited many ifs and buts. Still, considerable shared understanding loomed up about the need to move away from the image of the so-labeled architect, immersed in formulating intricate ideal target states and looking for governance to enforce elaborate plans to have them implemented. Even though we might by now question the reality content of this image.

On a personal note, I was enthusiastic about the idea of bringing real-life cases to the stage, in which all aspects of a challenging problem or opportunity are taken on in a collaborative design-based approach. Rather than putting aside design thinking as the specialty of the technology department. Maybe one day the wizardry of solitary architects struggling to transcend it all, will evolve into immanent architecture, in which all take part because all are part.

Thank you, participants, for your generous contributions. Your feedback will help make our day. We, DADD’s program committee, hope to welcome you at #DADD2019 in November.

Paul Oude Luttighuis is architect/advisor at Le Blanc Advies. He is member of the program committee of Digital Architecture Design Day (DADD). DADD is the annual platform at the intersection of business and digital architecture. It is owned by the NAF and organized by CKC Seminars, this year at November 14 in Den Bosch.